Your job is keeping your patients safe and helping them to return to good health. Our job is keeping your people safe while they are performing their work.

Our skill in the healthcare industry is unparalleled. We understand hospitals, healthcare centres and wellness facilities.

We understand the movement of patients, staff, pharmaceuticals and materials. We are conversant with the varying levels of security of different departments and we deliver effective, professional hospital service in every area of your facility.

Healthcare is a demanding and unpredictable environment and well-trained hospital security personnel are vital to the delivery of healthcare services. We provide fully trained, experienced security guards who have seen people at their worst and are capable of conducting themselves in a non-threatening, effective manner.

Our hospital security personnel are trained to a high level so they can diffuse situations before they escalate. We are equally comfortable in a union or a non-union environment.

Our experience in internal and external patrols, patient transfers and staff escorts is superior. We are fully trained and adept at one-on-one patient watches including working with patients with violent tendencies, suicide watches, and flight risks.

Our staff is especially trained in cultural sensitivities and managing aggressive behaviours.