Client Feedback

We are in the ro-ro carrier business-roll on and roll off. Customers drop off their trailers, equipment and vehicles and we roll them on and off of barges. Safety Net Security has been providing our guard services for about five years. They cover us when our own staff is not here. They check trailers in and out of the yard, do yard checks, provide general security and confirm that trailers on the site have not been tampered with. Safety Net Security is definitely very responsive to our needs. They act immediately on any concerns and they provide professional staff. We don’t need guards just watching people going in and out; we need trained guards who provide more than just the usual services. We’re extremely pleased. We have the same guards for the most part and they provide a high level of service. Safety Net Security gets the right people. I would definitely recommend Safety Net Security. They provide more than what people perceive as guard services. Their people are trained well and go beyond the normal guard job description. They are proactive and alert to any possible threat.