Peter Corrado

President and CEO

Peter is Safety Net Security’s founder and visionary leader. He brings sound business management principles and a strong foundation in security services to the company. After honing his security and investigative skills working at Austro-Asian Security, Peter delved into the financial planning and audit channels, which give him unique insight into managing costs for customers.

Peter has grown Safety Net Security from a one-person business to a company with global reach closing in on over 1,000 employees excelling in all aspects of the security industry. He continues to seek opportunities that allow Safety Net Security to provide necessary, emerging and vital security services in the changing security landscape.

Peter’s commitment to the security industry includes his own professional development. He is a member of IHASS (International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety), CIBPA (Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association), IAPA (International Accident Prevention Association), OIPMAC (Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada), CANASA (Canadian Alarm Association), ASIS, IACST (International Association for Counter-Terrorism and Security Professionals), and FPED VII (Impacting on Global War on Terror).